For every hug we donate $1
to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank
1 Hug = 1 Buck
On the first day of Spring (March 20th) from 8 AM to 6 PM, look for us around the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Vancouver Convention Centre.
If you're downtown, contact us via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we’ll come to you to hand out the hugging!


Eric The Sensitive Bear

Favourite Hug: Bear Hug (duh)

Introduce yourself to Eric, a shy grizzly who welcomes a long embrace. Be gentle; he feels everything deeper than most. Don't take this one hunting—he's an animal rights activist who sticks to chewing on grass and bark. Don't be alarmed if your clutch brings Eric to tears. Bring the ultra soft tissues.


Favourite Hug: Bro Hug

Like his name suggests, Wuvawot doesn't fear a wittle woving. He enjoys life’s pleasures, glass of red in hand and cool dirt at his feet. A romantic with a splash of type-A personality, Wuv likes to keep his affairs in order and his hands clean. Except on Garbage Day. You won’t like him on Garbage Day.


Favourite Hug: Beeing Hugged

Hugabee is buzzing to you give you a hug! She is sweet as honey with a smile that stings and the beauty pageant titles to prove it. Be careful not to approach her from bee-hind; you might accidentally get pricked.


Favourite Hug: Hop 'n Hug

Watch out! Meet Flummsie the spunky siren who chomps on hearts like crispy carrots, but has the sugary charm of a sweet turnip. Keep up and you may be the delighted recipient of one of her darling squeezes.

Sir Cuddlesalot

Favourite Hug: Ferret Hug

Sir Cuddlesalot is no stranger to a warm hug. An unmistakable mama’s boy, the Sir spent most of his early years coddled in a warm embrace. Easily pleased, he can be wooed with the scent of warm chestnut cookies, the lulling sounds of a Summer's morn/first blush and slightly painful squeezes of his chubby cheeks.

How To

Buddy Hug
Hug ‘N’ Twirl
Group Hug
Bear Hug
Snuggle Hug
Room For Jesus Hug
Hip Hug
Fanatic Hug
Baby Hug

Celebrity Hug List

If you’re on our celebrity hug list your hug is worth a $100 donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank courtesy of Spring Advertising. You can find us around the Art Gallery / Convention Centre or tweet us @springad and we’ll come to you!

Celebrity Hug = $100

On Air Hug = $150

Canuck Hug

Any Vancouver Canuck

Mayor Hug

Mayor Robertson

Sports DJ Hug

Bro Jake

Billionaire Hug

Bill Gates

Astronaut Hug

Chris Hadfield

Musician Hug

Sarah McLachlan, Michael Bublé, K-OS, Sting

Anchor Hug

Chris Gailus, Gloria Macarenko, Miyoung Lee, Tamara Taggart, Mike Killeen

Meteorologist Hug

Kristi Gordon, Johanna Wagstaffe, Marke Driesschen, Mark Madryga, Russ Lacate

Yoga Hug

Chip Wilson

Coach Hug

John Tortorella

Fox DJ Hug

Jeff O'Neil

Environmentalist Hug

David Suzuki

Social Media Guru Hug

Ryan Holmes

Morning News Hug

Sophie Lui, Steve Darling, Keri Adams, Brent Shearer, Jody Vance, Riaz Meghji, Michel McDermott

Comedian Hug

Seth Rogen

Model Hug

Coco Rocha